I have always been interested in how people can be coached and motivate themselves. How to develop and grow.

Make the world a sunnier place through the different areas of coaching.
Through coaching you can make a direct, pure impact on the person  you coach.


I really like the idea of the individual as the most important decisionmaker. And my result oriented systemic coaching approach can make positive effects and inputs on the individual.

The value of coaching: coaching can strengthen self help competences and resources.


The look of the website is chosen to be sunny and modern.
This represents my belief that through coaching inputs, positive options and solutions can be developed.


I didn`t want to present coaching in the typical way.
I wanted to show some more colours and represent in an authentic, fresh,
urban and innovative style.




A systemic coaching approach has the focus on the individual and the related system (relationships and networks).

Changes of the individual are always seen in the reflections and consequences of the related system.

This can lead the individual to new perspectives, new approaches and the change of behavioral strategies.

The main aspects of solution oriented coaching:

– the individual is seen as the most important decisionmaker

– the support of self-help competences

– finding positive options and solutions

For professional business coachings please contact business@hannainthehouse.com